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No. 807 wall lights by Svend Mejlstrom for Mejlstrom Belysning, 1970s

Danish vintage brass sconces with off-white shades by Svend Mejlstrøm for Mejlstrøm Belysning in …

$ 274 $ 219

Verona by Sven Middelboe for Nordisk Solar Compagni, 1978

Large brass lamp by Sven Middelboe for Nordisk Solar Compagni in 1978. Rare and beautiful piece …

$ 774 $ 619

No. 1008 table lamp by Einar Johansen for Soholm, 1960s
NO. 1008

Blue table lamp by Einar Johansen for Soholm in the 1960s – with vintage shade included, all in …

$ 270 $ 216

No. 5549 table lamp by Marianne Starck (presumed) for Michael Andersen and Son, 1960s
NO. 5549

Danish mid century blue table light with vintage shade included by Michael Andersen in the 1960s …

$ 270 $ 216

Type 5201 sconce by Svend Aage Holm Sorensen, Holm Sorensen, 1960s
TYPE 5201

Large brutalist sconce by Svend Aage Holm Sørensen for Holm Sørensen & Co. in the 1960s – in …

$ 309 $ 248

Teak wall lights, 1960s

1960s Danish mid-century wall lamps with vintage pink shades by unknown producer, in very good v …

$ 232 $ 186

Type 5203 by Svend Aage Holm Sorensen, Holm Sorensen, 1960s
TYPE 5203 (pair)

Brutalist sconces by Holm Sorensen in the 1960s. Danish mid-century wall lights in good vintage …

$ 450 $ 360

Brass candle holder set by Hyslop, 1960s

Three beautiful polished brass candlesticks holders by Hyslop in the 1960s – in very good vintag …

$ 113 $ 90

Tiny taper holder, 1960s

1960s Danish black candle holder for 6 tiny tapers by unknown producer, in excellent vintage con …

$ 65 $ 52

Type 6435 by Svend Aage Holm Sorensen for Holm Sorensen, 1960s
TYPE 6435

Large artichoke shaped brass lamp by Svend Aage Holm Sørensen for Holm Sørensen in the 1960s, in …

$ 1.315 $ 1.052

ORREFORS GEFION pendant pair by Carl Fagerlund (presumed) for Lyfa/Orrefors, 1960s

Clear crystal glass & brass ceiling lights by Carl Fagerlund for Lyfa/Orrefors in the 1960s …

$ 1.407 $ 1.125

Pan-opticon by Bent Karlby for Lyfa, 1968-69

Yellow sconce by Bent Karlby for LYFA in 1968-69. Danish Modern aluminum and yellow wall light i …

$ 462 $ 370


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