Lyskær Belysning (Lyskaer Lighting) is a company, that we know produced lighting from 1969 to 1991. Other than this, there is very limited information to find about this Danish lighting producer.

We know that Lyskær produced versatile lamps for every budget, and that Danish designer Bent Nordsted designed a range of light for Lyskær.

In 1989, Lyskær bought LYFA and thus gaining not only the LYFA brand, but also the Fog & Mørup brand and ABO brand. Lyskær-LYFA kept the individual brands until 1991, where Horn Lighting buys the company and all former brands ends.

Designs by this Producer

No. 705 by Unspecified Designer for Lyskær ca. 1970s
No. 705
ca. 1970s
No. 57-25 by Unspecified Designer for Lyskær ca. 1960s
No. 57-25
ca. 1960s