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Design year:
Design type:
55 cm |21.7 inches
22.5 cm |8.9 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
150 W
Brass, White
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About the design

P376 or Kastholm pendant is designed by Jørgen Kastholm & Preben Fabricius for Nordisk Solar Compagni in 1964.

A gorgeous piece made up by five ring-shaped aluminum shades, lacquered white or brass, and arranged on metal spacers. Each of the five ring-shaped shades are smaller than the other and slightly curved towards the middle to ensure a glare-free light. The cylinder at the top, conceals the bulb mount and acts a the base of the metal spacers.

When this large pendant is lit, the combination of the narrow spaces between the curved shades and the open bottom and top, creates a soft and warm illumination. A true beauty alight as well as idle.

Originally designed in 1964 and produced in white lacquer, brass lacquer or aluminum lacquer with purple inner coating. They were available in three sizes; a smaller version measuring 18.7″ (47,5 cm) in width, a middle version measuring 21.7″ (55 cm) in width and a large edition measuring 27.6″ (70 cm) in width. Around 1980 the name changed to Kastholm instead of P376.

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Meet the Designer

Fabricius & Kastholm

Fabricius & Kastholm

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Originally produced by

Nordisk Solar Compagni

Nordisk Solar Compagni

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