No. 232

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  • No. 232
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No. 232

Design year:
Design type:
Lighting, Wall lamp
21 cm |8.3 inches
15.5 cm |6.1 inches
14.5 cm |5.7 inches
No. of bulbs:
Bulb socket size:
Max Watt:
60 W
Blue / White / Brown
Pottery (Glazed)
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About the design

The No. 232 pottery sconce is designed by Danish pottery maker Jette Helleroe for AXELLA Design in the 1970s.

A cylindrical pottery sconce with a charming slightly curved shape and a bright colorful glaze. The sconce is covered with square shaped peepholes in various sizes, emphasized by a rich dark brown, almost burgundy rim, while the surrounding glaze features a wonderful specter of colors in blue and green nuances. The same rich dark brown rim glaze is used towards the top and bottom, while the inside is covered with a thin gray-greenish glaze, revealing the deep red tones in the clay underneath.

The light emits through the peepholes, leaving a pattern of light dots onto the surrounding space. The open top and bottom leaves a direct beam of light upwards and downwards.

It is hallmarked AXELLA design, signed Hellerøe (for Jette Hellerøe) and a number I read as 232, but it is very hard to read the number.

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No. 232 by Jette Hellerøe
Jette Hellerøe
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Meet the Designer

Jette Hellerøe

Jette Hellerøe

Jette Hellerøe is a Danish ceramicist, who worked for both AXELLA and BR Pottery. She also had her own pottery.  

Originally produced by


The pottery AXELLA design was founded by Danish ceramist Aksel Larsen, around 1970. Sometime around 1978, the name changes to AXELLA Keramik (Axella Pottery) and at a later point to AXELLA design. The company closes in 1987. Danish ceramicist Jette Hel …