How to fix up old teak furniture

Filed under DIY guides on July 28, 2016

It can be difficult to assess whether one should start with the fine steel wool or sandpaper. So it is VERY important to check before to starting anything, whether the material you have is solid teak or veneer.

Solid teak can withstand a good sanding with sand paper, but the veneer sheets are seldom more than a few millimeters thick and thus will not tolerate much sanding.

What you will need:
• Bucket of water mixed with basic cleaning agent, and a cloth for this work.
• Bucket with clean water and a clean cloth.
• Sandpaper grit 400 for the coarse work
• Sandpaper grit 800 for the fine finish
• Sanding block – for a smoother and easier sanding. I prefer ones made in cork.
• Dry cloth – for checking your work in progress
• Vaseline Oil and a lint-free cloth.

#1 Start by deep cleaning your object with a mix of basic cleaning agent and water. Then rinse with the clean water and a new clean cloth.
Let dry completely (for many hours – maybe up to a day or two).

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